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The people behind spejderkaffe.dk if Lystrup Gruppe. Our first meeting with Gidds and Mercy Scouts was during a summer camp in Finland and ever since, our partnership has been great. 

It all began with Lystrup Gruppe selling different bracelets that Mercy Scouts fabricates. From the bracelets, we sell, Mercy Scouts buys mosquitos nets to poor children. We are still selling these bracelets and you can read more about them and buy them here.

Spejderkaffe.dk is an idea we got at the summer camp where Gidds visited us. Lars from Farm Mountain held a lecture about coffee and the coffee production environments. This lecture gave us a lot of inspiration and when Gidds told us that they were producing coffee in his village, too; we got an idea. We should help Gidds’ village and his scouts by selling their coffee!

Unfortunately, we are not there yet, but we are getting closer. Spejderkaffe sells coffee that originates from the same area as Gidds and Mercy Scouts. Our goal is that the money from Spejderkaffe can help the families in Gidds’ village to farm more and better coffee. Then, it will be possible for us to sell their coffee here!

We hope that you will support this project and buy Spejderkaffe.

You can read more about Mercy Scouts and Farm Mountain.

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