Ulvetime is the coffee with the soft and balance taste that gives you a great start of your day.

The name “Ulvetime” is inspired by that hour of the day where everything has to work together: you have to shop for groceries, cook dinner, pick up your children and clean your house – all at the same time. This busyness requires a great coffee and that coffee is Ulvetime. As a scout and a leader, this hour can be a bit frustrating because there are so much happening around you. You will have to make sure that everyone is doing something, when it is time to both chop wood, make a fire and make dinner, while you have to keep an overview of it all, too. Therefore, “Ulvetime” is a great coffee, that keeps you calm.

Roasting: Complex

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It is now possible to buy Scout Coffee directly from our Kaffeagenterne - the company who roast coffee from Farm Mountain and Spejderkaffe.

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Roasting: Medium dark
Spejderhagl is a coffee with liquorice, which makes it soft and gives you a great long taste of liquorice.
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Roasting: Medium dark
Natteravn is the coffee perfect for a cognac or whiskey. The aroma is sweet and it has a wonderful taste of Irish Cream.
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