Spejderhagl challenges your senses of taste – liquorice has been added to give you a long and lasting taste.

The name “Spejderhagl” leads your thoughts back to the danish sweets of the same name. Just like the sweets, Spejderhagl has a wonderful taste of liquorice, that warms and give you renewed energy. Spejderhagl is something that every dane and many scouts knows, and if you are talking with danes that are not scout you can be sure, that they know the Spejderhagl-sweets. They are known and they are a hit. The powder on the sweets gives you a strong kick of liquorice before the sweet taste takes over. This is exactly what your “Spejderhagl”-coffee must do for you every morning.

Roasting: Medium dark

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It is now possible to buy Scout Coffee directly from our Kaffeagenterne - the company who roast coffee from Farm Mountain and Spejderkaffe.

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