Natteravn is the coffee that rounds off a long and busy day. With the taste of Irish Cream, the coffee provides a delicious experience to end your day.

The name “Natteravn” originates from the song with the same name. The song “Natteravn” was written for the YMCA corps camp in Holbæk in 1990. The song has all the nice, cosy, warm and wonderful things about being and living on a camp when the night falls. The song is about everything you need to know about being a scout. Around the fire, it is here that stories and memories are shared and it is totally fine to become a bit sentimental about what you are experiencing. It can be hard to be away from your home and if you are on your first scout camp, it takes some time to get used to it. Everyone is there for each other and we are helping each other, if it is needed. It is also here, that you are making friends for life. At this time, a special coffee is required –  and that is “Natteravn”.

Roasting: Medium dark

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It is now possible to buy Scout Coffee directly from our Kaffeagenterne - the company who roast coffee from Farm Mountain and Spejderkaffe.

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