So, how are coffee and sanitary towels related?

The answer: they are more related than you might think 😊 the thing is, that together with “I am family”, Mercy Scouts has distributed sanitary towels at the school “Bright Future Primary” in the village of Wabiyura. Hundreds of sanitary towels were distributed to all the girls at the school which means that they can go to school instead of staying at home one week every month. This is making and will continue to make a huge difference for a lot of girls and their families.

Now, it is easy for you to think that it cannot be that difficult for girls to get a hold of something as normal as sanitary towels. It is in Uganda. It is a challenge when you live in a faraway village and do not have that much money. For many of these girls, it means that they might drop out of school or get bad grades because they fall behind when they must stay at home during their period. It is not easy for girls to go to school and concentrate when they have their period but don’t have any san pads. In the lack of these pads, it can also mean that some girls that they will get infections and other pelvic diseases.

It will mean a world to these girls to be able to have access to sanitary towels. You can make a huge difference for these girls by buying a bracelet or by simply enjoying a cup of Spejderkaffe. We can guarantee you that the coffee will taste better, and the bracelet will look nicer around your arm 😊

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